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The SIN is always looking for people with the right competencies and experience to play a central role in the position of deployment leader during a deployment with the SIN rescue dog teams and buddies. The same rules apply to the deployment leaders as to the dog handler, with the exception of the qualification for the dog.

In order to register as a deployment leader, the following conditions apply:


  • Valid VOG (statement of conduct);

  • Compliance with the obligations as described in the 'Private citizen dog handler (BRT) statement' and the  'Confidentiality declaration' 

  • In possession of a valid liability insurance.

  • Participation in several joint training days of the police and SIN per year;

  • Participation in the Deployment Committee meetings

For complete registration, follow the steps below.

Complete and send registration form


After receiving your registration, Marcel Versterre (chairman of the deployment committee) will contact you.  If it is decided to continue with the procedure, the forms below must also be completed.

You can download this (see buttons below), read and complete it, sign it (digitally) and scan it again.  You can email these 4 pieces to

  1. Statement from buddy citizen dog handler regarding participation in police-coordinated deployments in cases of missing persons

  2. Non-disclosure agreement

  3. Statement of Good Conduct (VOG)

  4. Passport photo 

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