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Inzet Reddingshond Nederland - SIN
(Mission Search and Rescuedog Netherlands - SIN)

The Foundation for the Inzet Reddingshond Nederland (SIN) was founded in 1992 at the request of the Ministry of the Domestic Affairs as an umbrella organization for the use of Rescue Dogs in the Netherlands.  

The aim of the SIN is to make a valuable, active contribution during searches for missing persons led by the Police. 

The Tracking- and Specialist Animals department (SSD) of the LX of the police and Inzet Reddingshond Nederland (SIN) work together in searches for missing persons. To this end, agreements have been made about quality requirements, quality assurance, implementation of actual deployments and the admission of civilian rescue dog teams to deployments coordinated by the police via the SIN. 
These agreements are recorded in a cooperation agreement with accompanying implementation rules.


The combined voluntary assistance of the Veterans Search Team (VST), Missing Coordination Platform (CPV), Drowning Detection Equipment Foundation (SOAD) and the SIN rescue dog teams provides a bundling of specialist knowledge. Together with the deployment of police search dogs, the uniformed services, helicopter teams, drone teams and mounted police, this ensures a powerful operation.

The SIN forms the link between certified citizen operational rescue dog teams and the government.


Would you like to know more about our working method? then look further ABOUT THE SIN.


The SIN consists of dog teams, buddies and deployment leaders.

They are trained for their role during deployment  and are tested through exams and joint practice training days

These volunteers take action together when there is a call for action.  




If the police require assistance from citizen rescue dog teams in the event of urgent missing persons, the SIN, at the request of the police, ensures the coordination of certified teams that meet the quality requirements agreed with the police. In the event of an urgent missing person, a search will take place under the supervision of the police.


After successful participation in a SIN area exam and if the team meets the other conditions, the team can be placed on the deployment list for urgent SIN Police deployments.

For the rubble discipline it is possible to take the government exam via the SIN




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Stichting Inzet Reddingshond Nederland (SIN)

Steurstraat 15

IBAN NL79 INGB 0000 6100 86

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