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The SIN coordinates operational rescue dog teams during deployments to find missing persons in the Netherlands. 

In addition to deployment coordination, the SIN plays a role in the certification of rescue dog teams through examinations, and contributes to ensuring that deployable rescue dog teams, buddies and deployment leaders (continue to) meet the set quality requirements.  


The SIN does not train dogs itself, the teams of the associated (donating) organizations do that themselves. 

The SIN brings these organizations together. Regardless of background, rescue dog organization or group, individual rescue dog handlers and buddies can work together to form high-quality operational teams. 

For this purpose, training takes place four times a year with all certified dog handlers and buddies from associated rescue dog groups, together with the dog handlers of the LX Tracking- and Specialist animals.

We practice as we do in real.  

On these joint practice days and during deployments, volunteers from the different groups work together in a mixed composition. For example, a buddy from organization A can be linked to a dog handler from organization B.
Together they form an operational team, which is assigned to a search area. The buddy is responsible in the operational team for coordination, communication and assistance in case of finding.
This method is unique for Europe and results in minimal time loss. During a deployment, each dog handler can be paired with a buddy in order of arrival to immediately start the search as an operational Citizen Rescue Dog Team. 
The SIN is responsible for coordinating the deployment, contact with the police, and divides the search area into sectors. She collects all GPS and other data from the teams and passes it on to the police for further evaluation.
"We travel light". The CP (Central Post) does not take up much space and is easy to move if necessary for the search.
All this results in a flexible, reliable and fast way of working. 

Donerende groepen


Affiliated rescue dog organizations support the SIN with their annual donations to pursue the common goal:

  • implementation of deployments in the Netherlands

  • ensure quality in training of dog handlers, rescue dogs and buddies 

  • cooperation and development.

If you would like to register as a donating organization and register citizen rescue dog teams from your organization for an exam or the deployment list, please contact us via contact form. 

You can find the annual donation rate here.

CASAR Reddingshonden
Dogs Search and Rescue (DSAR)
Espero Rescue Dogs (ESPERO)
HDC Riessen SAR
International Search And Rescue Team (ISAR team)
Reddingshonden Centraal Nederland (RHCN)
Reddingshonden vereniging Teamwork
Reddingshonden vereniging Zuid Oost Nederland (ZON)
Reddingshonden werkgroep De Polderspeurders
Reddingshondengroep De Breede Aa
Reddingsorganisatie Zeeland (ROZeeland)
Rescue Dogs Brabant
SarDogTeam NL
Search and Rescue Centre Netherlands (SRCN)
Search and Rescue Dogs Zuid-Holland-Zuid (SARdogsZHZ)
Skye Search Dogs
Volharding Inzet Reddingshonden Team (VIRT)
Zoekhonden Limburg


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RATES as of January 1, 2024

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