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The aim of the SIN is to make an active contribution during searches for missing persons led by the Police. The SIN consists of dog teams, buddies and deployment leaders. All efforts are made on a voluntary basis.

The combined assistance of the VST, CPV, SOAD and the SIN rescue dogs provides a bundling of specialist knowledge. Together with the deployment of police sniffer dogs, the uniformed services, helicopter teams, drone teams and mounted police, this ensures a powerful operation.

More information about the SIN volunteers:
Burger Reddingshonden Team
Civilian rescue dog team (BRT)

A Citizen Rescue Dog Team consists of a dog handler and a fully trained dog, who together have obtained a valid certificate from an independent judge from the SIN, the IRO or the KNPV.  Would you like to know more about a BRT?


Teams on the deployment list participate in deployments together with a buddy. The same rules apply to the buddy as to the dog handler (with the exception of the SIN area, KNPV area-B, IRO area-B deployment certificate).
A buddy reports separately to the secretariat with all the necessary forms. Only after participating in a joint training day can you participate in a deployment as a buddy.

Deployment leader
IMG_8389 (1).jpg

The deployment leader facilitates the teams and the police. He/she coordinates the deployment and transfers the information from Topo GPS (the tracks and the cleared area) directly to the LX police dog handler or OVD police. After the search, the deployment leader writes the report for the deployment carried out.

A deployment leader has leadership qualities, is service-minded towards the police, is stress-resistant, can maintain an overview in situations under pressure, is accurate and decisive.


A deployment leader has excellent communication skills to be able to consult with all stakeholders and to conduct a briefing and de-briefing with the deployment group present.

The SIN is looking for deployment leaders who recognize themselves in the above profile and are willing to become proficient in this task through an assistant program. For more information you can register via this button.

Gezamenlijke oefendagen
Joint training days

A joint practice training day (hereinafter: practice day) is held several times a year. These practice days are organized jointly by the SIN and the police.

For Civil Rescue Dog Teams and buddies on the deployment list, participation in at least one practice day per year is mandatory.

Only after teams have participated in a joint practice day is it possible to be called up for a deployment.

Teams that have met all other conditions for inclusion on the deployment list / teams on the deployment list will receive an invitation from the SIN secretariat for the practice day(s).

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